Pointer Corporation
     The Information Technology Architects
Summary of Our Expert Witness Cases:
Type of Matter: Software Development Dispute for School System in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Law Firm: Jones Law Office, PLLC
Case Name: EPES v. SEED
Services Provided: Analysis of multiple and disputed software versions developed by two consulting firms
Timeframe: 2014-2017
Type of Matter: Server Development and Upgrade Dispute for School District in Detroit, Michigan
Law Firm: Keller Thoma, A Professional Corporation
Case Name: GSD v. ISI
Services Provided: Analysis of Insufficient Implementation of Active Directory, Remote Connectivity, and other server upgrade issues
Timeframe: 2014-2016
Type of Matter: Insurance Billing Dispute and Unauthorized Write-offs
Law Firm: Brian C. Vanderhoof
Case Name: EVOX v. Gabriels
Services Provided: Identification of Causes for Incorrect Insurance Billing and Unauthorized Write-offs
Timeframe: 2014
Type of Matter: Patent Infringement Dispute
Law Firm: Ropes & Gray LLP
Case Name: Athenahealth v Advanced MD Software Inc.
Services Provided: Validation of Patent Infringement Issues
Timeframe: 2013
Type of Matter: Dispute over website performance and timeout in a production environment
Law Firm: Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
Case Name: Cobalt adv SEVRAR
Services Provided: Identification of problem sources in a dispute over website performance and timeout in a production environment with over 12,000 users, after the results in the test environment were deemed satisfactory and signed off
Timeframe: 2011-2012
Type of Matter: Problems in an off-shore development of computer games
Law Firm: Shustak Frost & Partners / Audie J. de Castro (197217)
Case Name: USI v Kalloc
Services Provided: Identification of problems in an off-shore development of computer games, with incorrect strategies and unacceptable results (both in the resulting game software and its underlying database to track customer orders)
Timeframe: 2011-2012
Type of Matter: Disputed number of hours billed for development of a complex website
Law Firm: Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP
Case Name: AeroVoice v iWireless
Services Provided: Justification of disputed number of hours billed for development of a complex website using .NET and SQL Server technologies
Timeframe: 2011
Type of Matter: Copyright Infringement
Law Firm: Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP
Case Name: Symfonee v Hartmann
Services Provided: Verification of source code and development technologies in a copyright infringement case that led to competing companies having similar functionalities on their websites
Timeframe: 2011
Type of Matter: Illegitimate Financial Transactions
Law Firm: Michael Rogers, Esq.
Case Name: Maniflo v JadesoftBancomer
Services Provided: Discovery of sources and causes of illegitimate financial transactions allegedly generated by a previous system developer
Timeframe: 2009-2011
Type of Matter: Disputed transaction processing system for an insurance company
Law Firm: Duane Morris LLP
Case Name: TOPA v RCM
Services Provided: Identification of flaws in the development strategy of an off-shore developed transaction processing system which had led to entries by different agents ending up on the wrong insurance contract
Timeframe: 2009